Kristen Picot Named Vice President of CJGRPINC and Executive Director of StartUP Siler



London UK –  Neyius “Chief Giving Officer” Mackenzie “Mac” Robinson, Ph.D. announced today the return of The Courtney Jordan Foundation’s programs in The United States. 

Naming Kristen Picot Executive Director of the foundation’s startup initiative. Kristen will carry the title of Vice President of Special Programs for CJGRPINC Foundation, Inc. and Executive Director of StartUP Siler. She is the latest in a series of executive-level hires and promotions facilitating the foundation’s rededication to the United States.

More than six years ago, The Courtney Jordan Foundation embarked on a new journey, one of transformation and growth. On that journey, we were led to various countries in developing nations, such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Across the world, we have found such a growing need to assist and aid those in their own growth. Says Noah Burch, President and Executive Director of  The Courtney Jordan Foundation. 

Kristen Picot was tapped for her educational prowess and her dedication to community building. In her duties as Executive Director of the StartUP Siler, which will be under our US Giving Arm; CJGRPINC Foundation, Inc. Kristen will be responsible for the day to day operations and selecting viable ideas, and businesses that qualify for the StartUP grant as well as the working with entrepreneurs in helping them achieve their full potential. 

Neyius, Inc. through The Courtney Jordan Foundation will be investing $20MM in developing and growing the business growth and community development in Siler City. 

“There is no better choice we could have made for this great return than Kristen, beyond her impressive academic achievements, her heart for community, and her intellectual instincts are rivaled by none. She possesses everything and more that is needed for this massive undertaking. I look forward to the amazing things she will accomplish” Says Courtney Jordan, Founder and Executive Chairman of Neyius and The Courtney Jordan Foundation. 


About The Courtney Jordan Foundation

From our start-up initiatives to investments in small business growth throughout the developing world. CJF has Goals designed around one central theme to empower the under-resourced with the tools needed to build opportunity. Through CJGRPINC Foundation, Inc. The foundation gives and supports US entrepreneurs and aid in community development.


About CJGRPINC Foundation, Inc.

CJGRPINC Foundation, Inc. is the US giving arm of The Courtney Jordan Foundation. The entity was created to comply with all requirements to act as a non-profit organization within the United States of America. 


About Neyius, Inc.

The NEYIUS Brand is comprised of cross-national entities that builds technologies and businesses that help people connect, strengthen communities, and grow businesses. When VENBEYCAP launched, it changed how we looked at business and entrepreneurship. We bought more companies like; Global Incentives Manufacturing (GIM), Call Wizards (formally Calling Systems Worldwide — a software that empowered call centers to aid and speak with customers). And Host Rite, which further empowered businesses around the world. The acquisition of ‘CellCom’ and The Odyssey Channel in the late ’00s and their subsequent sell strengthened our resolve and empowered us to dream bigger. From the disposition of our stock positions, land holdings, and various majority stakes in companies worldwide. Venture Beyond Capital & VENBEYCAP has become NEYIUS. 



Eve Mcpherson, Executive Vice-President of External Communications, Neyius 

Joan Everett, Director of Communications, The Courtney Jordan Foundation

Andre Colantuono, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Special Programs, CJGRPINC Foundation, Inc. 



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