About Us

For over a Decade, The humanitarian work of Courtney Jordan has been empowering people with sustainable solutions.

The Courtney Jordan Foundation is a global advocate of poverty prevention. Holding true to the motto of “Help One, Save Many.”  Our programs enable the individual to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community and connect to networks for support.

By utilizing skills, knowledge, and resources, people are able to create sustainable change for themselves, their families, and the community. 

We believe that in order to make lasting change, communities must be enriched with the skills and resources to build the individual with self-confidence, with an understanding of their rights, an ability to earn an income and gain the respect of their family and community.

Founded in 2011 as The Courtney Jordan Group, a community organization dedicated to providing viable solutions to complex problems. CJGRPINC. Aimed to aid in the prevention of poverty on a local level, through three major programs; dedicated to education(The Wellington School), youth development (Durham Youth Alliance), and homeless prevention (2nd Chance 180).

The knowledge obtained in seeing the effects of the power of education combined with resources, and culture. Combined with the personal effects of entrepreneurship of the founder. CJF began to evolve and in 2016 under the vision of Courtney Jordan and the Direction of the acting President, Mandee Woodard. CJGRPINC transitioned into The Courtney Jordan Foundation (CJF). Investing in building communities around the world to help rebuild their lives from the ground up.

Mackenzie Robinson

Giver In Chief

Noah Burch

Executive Director

Chandak Khatun

Deputy Director

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Our History

From serving in Raleigh-Durham to building in Dhaka. Courtney Jordan has grown over the years as a humanitarian brand of people looking to provide the solutions to empower and enrich the lives of the under resourced.


Our Mission

Since the beginning Courtney Jordan has been an organization of people who saw a need to provide sutures to societies deepest wounds.


Reimagining Giving

True giving comes from the heart, when you give from the heart your intention is’nt to increase dependency rather to increase independency. For more than a decade Courtney Jordan has been an organization dedicated to providing sustainable solutions.


Our Goals

From our start-up initiatives to our investments in small business growth throughout Bangladesh. Our Goals are designed around one central theme to empower the under resourced with the tools needed to build opportunity.