The Courtney Jordan Foundation

About: The Journey

The Courtney Jordan Foundation is a private charitable foundation dedicated to supporting innovative, lasting solutions that improve lives and empower communities. The foundation has launched a $100 million campaign called the Jordan Family Campaign for a Better Life.

The Courtney Jordan Foundation | CJF BangladeshAs a young man, Courtney Jordan’s journey began with the development and sale of a mobile phone app, igniting a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and the boundless possibilities it offered. Following a successful career in private equity and venture capital, Mr. Jordan established the Courtney Jordan Foundation in 2012, initially known as the Courtney Jordan Group of Community Solutions.

His mission was clear: to safeguard and make accessible the economic prosperity that had inspired him in Durham, North Carolina, USA, ensuring that everyone could partake in and explore the opportunities it presented. Today, the Courtney Jordan Foundation’s philanthropic endeavors span a spectrum of critical areas, from education to economic empowerment and entrepreneurship in developing regions.

Every philanthropic investment made by the foundation is a catalyst for fresh ideas and innovative solutions, broadening the horizons of human potential and compassion. Courtney Jordan’s unwavering commitment to creating positive change resonates through these initiatives, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

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