A Heartfelt Thanks to the Courtney Jordan Foundation in Bangladesh

                                                                                                              A message from Raka in Dhaka:

I want to express my deep gratitude to the Courtney Jordan Foundation in Bangladesh for their generous grant that is turning my business dreams into reality. This support isn’t just transforming my life; it’s impacting my family’s future. Your dedication to education, equipping us with the knowledge to run a successful business, is invaluable. 


In a recent video, I had the privilege of sharing my journey, and it’s all thanks to the remarkable work that the Courtney Jordan Foundation does. Their commitment to uplifting individuals like me in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams is nothing short of remarkable.

When I first heard about the foundation’s grant program, I couldn’t believe that such an opportunity existed. The financial support they provided allowed me to take my business idea and turn it into a reality. This grant has been a game-changer for me, enabling me to invest in the resources I needed and expand my business in ways I could only dream of before.


But it’s not just about the money; it’s about the education and mentorship they provide. The Courtney Jordan Foundation goes the extra mile to equip their grant recipients with the knowledge and skills necessary to run a successful business. Their guidance has been invaluable, and I’m continually learning and growing, thanks to their support.


What’s truly remarkable is how this foundation is not just transforming individual lives; it’s creating a ripple effect that extends to our families. The opportunities and stability my business now offers are directly impacting my family’s future. We can dream bigger and reach higher, all thanks to the Courtney Jordan Foundation’s unwavering support.


I hope this post serves as a token of my immense gratitude to the Courtney Jordan Foundation in Bangladesh. Their generosity and dedication are making dreams come true, and I’m living proof of the incredible impact they have on entrepreneurs like myself.


I encourage you to watch the video where I share my experience with the Courtney Jordan Foundation and their grant. It’s a testament to the positive change they bring into the lives of many. Let’s continue to support their mission and spread the word about their fantastic work. Together, we can create more success stories and brighter futures for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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